Complete Online Package – Racing Workshop


If you are really serious about learning to trade and want to take the next step, the Complete Workshop Package is a smart move.

What do you get for your money?

  • Lifetime access to the Online Workshop & provided material
  • Access to 60 new videos  – Similar to the assessment videos, so these are top drawer. These are added to every month
  • 75 extra trading videos. Some of the older videos, but a much higher level to anything may have seen on my YouTube channel. According to the guys in my community, these are a great resource
  • Access to all new material I create while a member
  • An invitation to my monthly closed webinars while a member. I do a webinar every month. It’s recorded. You also get access to my previous webinars.
  • 1 month trial membership to my legendary Skype community. Interact with like-minded people, all within a culture of support and learning. I always said that I would not let people into the Skype community if that had not completed the workshop. This is as close to that as you can get. So you will be welcomed into the best trading community around. Entry is sought after and exclusive.
  • My Morning Racing strategy and access to the app for 3 months, Profitable for over a decade, Get this right and it pays for the Workshop, upgrades and future membership. the App pinpoints the opportunities, a little due diligence and you have clearly defined trades. the Morning racing contingent within my Skype room are very enthusiastic.
  • Option to continue after the trial for a monthly fee (£25)
  • The latest module is the Excel project. Learn how to create an automated spreadsheet in Excel
  • Opportunities to book 1-2-1 calls with Steve – inc in the package- no charge
  • The best support possible, This is a journey best shared. I am here to support your learning and understandingPlease ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions before purchasing this course.
    Any reproduction, reselling or sharing of any of my material is strictly forbidden and is protected by copyright

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What a great opportunity to take your Betfair Racing trading to the next level

Lifetime Access to all available material plus 1-month trial membership to my Skype communications hub & community

The best value way to learn to trade Racing markets I have ever offered.


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