Gold 12 x £79 – (12 Month all inclusive)


This is the top-level package I offer. I always look for and admire serious commitment. When I see it I find it inspirational.

No high upfront cost. Pay over 12 months at £79 per month

The benefits of upgrading to the Gold package:

  • Access to the Online Workshop
  • 75 extra trading videos. Some of the older videos, but a much higher level to anything may have seen on my YouTube channel. According to the guys in my community, these are a great resource
  • Access to 10 new videos every month for 12 months (120 videos) – Similar to the assessment videos, so these are top drawer.
  • An invitation to my monthly closed webinar for 12 months. I do a webinar every month. It’s recorded. You also get access to my previous webinars.
  • Access to my legendary Skype community. Interact with like-minded people, all within a culture of support and learning. I always said that I would not let people into the Skype community if that had not completed the workshop. This is as close to that as you can get. So you will be welcomed into the best trading community around. Entry is sought after and exclusive. You get 12 months included.
  • My Morning Racing strategy and access to the app for 12 months, Profitable for over a decade, Get this right and it pays for the Workshop, upgrades and future membership. the App pinpoints the opportunities, a little due diligence and you have clearly defined trades. the Morning racing contingent within my Skype room is very enthusiastic.
  • Option to continue after 12 months for a monthly fee (£25)
  • An option to attend a Workshop – NO CHARGE – FREE – EX GRATIA – BUCKSHEE
    The main differences from SILVER apart from the extra 6 months is.
  • Goal setting – We will discuss and set your goals for the next 12 months
  • Trading Plan – using the goal setting, skill level and time, we will work out how we are going to reach that goal
  • Monthly coaching call – You will be guided, challenged and held to account.


What is this worth to you? If you want to take your trading to a higher level this option has to be given serious consideration.
All in all, this is LESS THAN £18  a week! Could this improve your trading by £18 a week?

Please understand you are committing to a 12-month package and 12 payments of £79
The initial payment is £79. I will send out a link to set up the subscription approx 3 weeks after your purchase.

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The best value all-inclusive package on offer. For aspiring traders who want high-quality support and want to take their trading to the next level.

Everything included for 12 months.

No high upfront cost. Pay over 12 months at £79 per month

It works out at under £18 a week!




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