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This workshop has one specific aim. To help you achieve profitability as a Betfair Exchange user. With over 15 years of experience doing just that I am well placed to be able to pass on my experience to help you achieve this.

With a 30 day, No Quibble full money-back guarantee you have very little to lose

I created this Workshop, primarily for the people who wanted to learn Pre Race, Horse Racing but were unable to get to my workshops. For a long time, I have had an almost endless string of requests asking for an online version of my Racing Workshop. So here it is!

The Workshop consists of 23 Modules PLUS 20 “Race Assessment” videos. Let me explain exactly what the Workshop contains.

  • Module 1 – Set-Up & Getting started
  • Module 2 – Staking
  • Module 3 – Bank management
  • Module 4 – Recordkeeping
  • Module 5 – Discipline
  • Module 6 – Codes of Racing
  • Module 7 – Timescale
  • Module 8 – Why odds move
  • Module 9 – My trading screen
  • Module 10 – 16- Trading signals
  • Module 17 – Structure a trade
  • Module 18 – Place a Back bet
  • Module 19 – Place a Lay bet
  • Module 20 – Super Signals
  • Module 21 – Take SP
  • Module 22 – The Line-Up
  • Module 23 –  TV Pictures
  • Assessment Races – x 20 individual videos
    Each video is a race that I traded. I break down every single aspect of the trade. I identify entry and exit points, walk you through the trade and explain how the market is changing and why. This systematic approach is a great way to learn. 

This Workshop will get you started and will guide you through how you can begin to understand how the Pre Race Horse Racing markets behave, how to understand that behaviour and help you to safely move into profitable trading.

If within 30 days. After you have taken time to watch all of the modules and decide that the Workshop did not meet your expectations. I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee 

Something that I am very keen to add is this:
There are 100’s of get rich quick schemes and “Betfair Courses” that promise much and deliver little. They are provided by people you may not have heard of, but been seduced by their wild promises and slick, relentless marketing.

I am not slick! I am certainly not relentless, and my marketing skills are poor at best. But I do know how to make money trading Racing markets, I do know how to get my points across and I am credible. I have a hard-fought reputation as a trader and an educator. Just google “Steve Howe Betfair”. You will see I am credible and genuine.

I believe that this Workshop – As a stand-alone product is a great introduction, and will give you a good start. But I urge you to consider what comes next.

Please consider my upgrades – This isn’t some bullshit “upsell” blub. It’s genuine advice, from someone who knows what they are talking about.
If you are serious about wanting to learn how to trade, the ongoing support I offer is a great deal. Please consider this. If you have already upgraded with the “all in one” Silver or Gold packages.

Investing in your own education is one of the smartest ways to spend your money
You can buy this product and get started immediately.

You will have the facility to upgrade to either the Silver or Gold Packages after you have completed the workshop


If are unsure which may be the best option for you, or you have any questions. Please book a personal call with me using this page


I said I would never make my Workshop available online. But due to constant enquires I did it!

23 modules and 20 bespoke trading videos taking you through everything you need to know to improve your trading.

Suitable for the inexperienced to the more experienced. I show you how I interpret the Betfair Pre Race Racing markets.
This isn’t a software training course. I am not going to teach you how to use 3rd party software. But I will share my Betting Assistant and Bet Angel settings. But I will show you how the markets work, how to find entry points and exit points. Identify which horses may move and in what direction.

No ambiguity, No Bullshit


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