Before I go into my review, I thought it would be useful to state that at the point of purchasing Steve’s online workshop, I’ve been trading on Betfair since June 2016.

In that time I’ve done most things that new traders do; try different sports, struggle with mindset, blow banks etc.  

I first became aware of Steve via the Bet Angel forums and subsequently discovered his YouTube channel but due to personal circumstances was unable to attend one of his workshops.

When I found out that he had released his course, I didn’t hesitate in purchasing it and I hope that my review below will help others who might be unsure as to whether or not they should go ahead and purchase it themselves.

I recall a few years ago that someone posted on Steve’s website asking about an online course and Steve replied that if he was to do something, it would be done properly and I can tell you he has certainly done that with this course.

The presentation style in the videos is really crisp and the use of graphics goes a long way to ensure that he gets the message across effectively. Another strong point is Steve’s ability to explain what appear to complex subjects using simple real life examples that anyone will be able understand.

In terms of the content, it’s delivered in a very logical and structured manner plus, has the benefit that you need to watch one video before being allowed to move on to the other.  

This is really significant because when you get to the end of the programme, you’ll realise that the first few modules are critical to your long term success. Too often traders want to know the ‘secret sauce’ to get those big green screens but fail to realise that without the foundations it will never happen.

Having watched Steve’s YouTube content more times than I care to remember, what struck me was how much more detail he goes into one this workshop. I’ve certainly been able to identify swing trading opportunities in the past on the back of the YouTube content but the reality, is that having now worked through the online workshop, I can see that I certainly hadn’t considered all the potential downsides of my trade.

The online workshop helps you learn what to look for and if what you are looking for isn’t there, you don’t get involved.

I think it’s important to add that if you’ve been involved in the markets for sometime and, like me, you’ve picked up some ‘bad habits’ you need to give yourself time to apply the process that Steve teaches. I looked at a handful of races after going through the content and only traded 1 race and that one was a small loss. Whilst some people may see that as a negative, I was actually really happy because before getting Steve’s course, I’d have traded all 5 and probably been in a pickle afterwards.

And on the subject of losses, Steve talks about exit points during the course so you know what to do when it goes wrong. Looking at some of the P&Ls of people on Twitter, you’d be forgiven for thinking that no one ever loses a trade.

Obviously I’m not going to say in this review what Steve’s process it but I will say that by the time you’ve gone through the modules (in order!) you will be left in no doubt whatsoever as to what you need to look for. The addition of 20 races examples with full breakdowns will help you even further and in those examples, Steve freezes the screen so you can see exactly what he is looking for in his consideration before taking a position.

Before I conclude this review, I feel it’s important to flag up a big reality check here.  Just because you, I or the bloke next door purchases this course, it is not an automatically guarantee that life changing money will be made. What it does do, is give you all the tools you need to give yourself the best chance to succeed.

You would be very hard pressed to find a negative review of Steve’s classroom based workshops online and given he’s been delivering them since 2014, that alone should be an indication that he knows his onions and has a top notch reputation.

I’ve purchased other courses in the past and they were good but with this product, Steve has really done a great job and created what I think will be the gold standard for online sports trading courses in years to come.

I plan to write a further review after I’ve been trading with Steve’s method for a few months so I can show what a difference it has made to my long term performance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this training course and wish Steve all the best for the future.

Christopher Croft
Birmingham, August 2019.

Chris has  kindly added an update about his experience so far (October 19). You can read it here further down the testimonials

‘Steve’s ability to breakdown a complex skill into understandable, manageable and logical chunks in an engaging manner is unrivaled. The course far exceeded my expectations and comes highly recommended and the follow-up support is genuinely invaluable.’ 

I have been trading for about 18 months and after experimenting with everything from pre race to football to BTL,LTB, swing trading was to be my ultimate goal.

I first discovered Steve on YouTube and after attending his free webinars, I knew he was an honest down to earth bloke, his trading course also came highly recommended from people in a trading group I was involved in. 

When his online course became available I did not hesitate.  Steve gives you a detailed instruction manual on how to swing trade, like his driving analogy he will help you pass your test but how good a driver you want to be after you’ve passed is up to you.

I can now call myself a profitable trader even though still on quite small stakes, sticking to the plan and the process Steve provides you with is the key. THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE

Rob Burrough 19th Sept 19

If you’ve ever watched YouTube videos of successful traders and thought ‘that’s all very well but I’m not learning anything about why he’s trading that horse or why the trade was opened at that point’ then this course will give you those answers.

You will learn all about assessing a market, when to enter and when to exit all with no cryptic explanations just Steve telling it straight.  You will learn about the important things to be looking at and what you should be doing while you have a trade in the market.

There is also a lot of videos included that pull everything together that are very well explained with detailed breakdowns of actual trades as they are taking place. This is where you will learn how you put a plan in place to execute a trade successfully.

Yes, you will need to provide the discipline and correct mindset yourself to make money from trading and like everything else worthwhile lots of practice is needed (with small stakes).

In summary I found the course to be enjoyable, great value for money and it gives you all the important information you will need to be a successful swing trader.

Silver Package – Community on Skype

Since completing the online course, I’ve signed up to the silver package and will write a more detailed review on that later. For now, I wanted to cover a specific part of the package; the Skype rooms.

As anyone who has traded for any length of time knows, it can be a very lonely experience – especially if you are losing money. The other challenge you face when you are starting out, is that your partner / friends / family / pets are the only people you can talk to about it and, in my own experience, most don’t understand it.

So it makes sense to surround yourself with people who are embarking on a similar journey or, better still, are further down the line than you and, ideally, doing it for a living.

And that is where Steve’s Skype rooms come in.

Once you sign up to the Silver package, Steve gives you access to the rooms which are:

Morning Racing Room
The Surgery
The Green Room
Pre Race Trading Room
Football Room

There are also a couple of other rooms but these are largely admin based i.e. for downloads, announcements etc.

I’ll go through each of the rooms in more detail:

Morning Racing Room

This room is to compliment the Morning Racing App you get access to once you’ve signed up. The app alone is a really powerful tool but the room is a really good melting pot of ideas from people in the group. The regulars in there are both friendly and knowledgeable and you can learn a lot from their experience.

The Surgery

This room is potentially the most valuable because as the name suggests, you can bring your trading problems here and you will get a solution. A really powerful aspect of it is that you can upload your videos and Steve will take the time to go through them and give you constructive feedback. It’s worth bearing in mind, that there aren’t many places where you can get your performance analysed by one of the leading guys in the industry.

The Green Room

This room is pretty much there to discuss anything you like. There have been some interesting discussions in there as well.

Pre-Race Trading Room

The room is for people to discuss what is happening in the pre-race markets. A recent example was when someone was sloshing huge amounts of money into races and this room alerted people to that and to exercise caution. Obviously experienced traders may understand that but for people who’ve just completed the workshop or have limited experience, insight like that could save them a lot of money and stress.

Football Room

The clue is in the name here! Even in my short time in the community, I’ve seen some really helpful posts in here from experienced football traders which if you followed their advice, you would have made some profits. It’s worth adding that as part of morning racing app, you also get access to the pre-match football app as well.

The other stuff

I hope that the above has given you a flavour of what to expect when you join the community in terms of what the rooms offer but there is also another aspect to touch on – the service you get from Steve.

As I already indicated in the bit I wrote about the surgery, Steve is available to offer feedback on your trading but there is so much more. Once a month you get to attend a webinar (which is for community members only) and Steve encourages you to submit questions and he will answer then for you. I have first hand experience of this as he did it for me in the September webinar.

You also get to see 10 new videos each month which he uploads. Like the videos you see on his course, they go into a lot of detail and there is no ambiguity whatsoever.

For me though, it’s the level of service he gives his community and I’ll end with an example of this. One Sunday afternoon at 1.54pm, I asked whether there was any examples of a specific area I was looking at. By 1.59pm, I had five new videos to go through. And I’ve seen other examples of him helping other users out. Steve even lets us know when he is not going to be around but is always available by email. That alone should tell you how seriously he takes his role in the community.

In closing, this community is friendly, supportive and definitely ego free and if you find that you are struggling with your trading at the moment, please give some consideration to signing up to the community.

Christopher Croft

Birmingham, October 2019