We all have to start somewhere, so i have ensured that whatever you’re level you will be able to understand what i am showing you. as long as you understand the concept of backing and laying. You will benefit

The workshop is 100% PRE Race. There is no content regarding In Play trading

This question is similar to “how long is a piece of string’? People learn at different speeds, and although it is true to say that screen time is needed there are other factors at play. if you’re time to trade is hard fought and precious. You will ensure it is high quality, where as if you have unlimited time, it’s much easier to get distracted. It’s all about the journey and the end output. Taking a littlele longer to get there is no bad thing in my book. There are over 12,000 races run on mainland Britain alone. Racing runs 362 days a year and even in winter there are several evening meetings a week. There is plenty to go at, whatever your time constraints.

You will have access for as long as you need it. I doubt wether I will pay to host these videos forever, so when the time comes to remove them, I will be in touch with you using the email you used to Pay with (unless you contact me with an alternative) and i will offer you the chance to download them.