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Learn Pre Race Trading using the Betfair platform with well respected Betfair Trader
Steve Howe. With 15 years knowledge and 100's of successful students, Steve is very well placed to guide you along on your journey


I have a hard won reputation within the Sports Trading community as genuine and well respected.


With 5 years running a class leading education program. You will not have to look far to find somebody that recommends me


Chosen by Betfair as an ambassador to promote Gruss Betting Assistant 3rd party software

All about Steve…….

You may be wondering who Steve Howe is. What my journey to where I am now has been like and how I can possibly help you get to where you want to get to.

This page tells you a little about me. Talking about myself is not something I really enjoy. There are far more interesting topics I promise you! 

If you click on the picture of that good looking fella on the left it will take you to my “About page”


Workshop Packages Available

100% Online - No need to take your arse off your chair

To celebrate the launch of my Online Workshops and Support packages. For the first 25 sign ups I am offering a discount. Buy any of the 3 products and apply the coupon code steve20 and the coupon will apply a 20% discount, Depending on the package you buy, this could be worth up to £199.

Update: Only a few discount coupons left!

Bronze Package – Online Workshop £229
Silver Package -6 Months £495
Gold Package – 12 months support / Mentoring £995

What are the people who have completed the Online Workshop saying?

"Steve has really done a great job and created what I think will be the gold standard for online sports trading courses in years to come."
"Steve's ability to breakdown a complex skill into understandable, manageable and logical chunks in an engaging manner is unrivaled. The course far exceeded my expectations and comes highly recommended and the follow-up support is genuinely invaluable."

What you waiting for?

Trading Pre Race on Betfair's Horse Racing markets is probably the most sought after and hardest skill to learn. Having Steve Howe in your corner will vastly improve your chances of success. With Online Workshops starting at only £229 and the premium Gold package working out at under £19 a week, can you afford not to get involved?