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Learn Pre Race Trading using the Betfair platform with well respected Betfair Trader
Steve Howe. With 15 years knowledge and 100's of successful students, Steve is very well placed to guide you along on your journey


I have a hard won reputation within the Sports Trading community as genuine and well respected.


With 5 years running a class leading education program. You will not have to look far to find somebody that recommends me


Chosen by Betfair as an ambassador to promote Gruss Betting Assistant 3rd party software

All about Steve…….

You may be wondering who Steve Howe is. What my journey to where I am now has been like and how I can possibly help you get to where you want to get to.

This page tells you a little about me. Talking about myself is not something I really enjoy. There are far more interesting topics I promise you! 

If you click on the picture of that good looking fella on the left it will take you to my “About page”

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Pre Race Racing: Online Learning
Complete package just £199

COVID - 19 -

 The Coronavirus is no doubt a life changing event for many, if not all of us. This has created some very difficult situations. I am not going to ever suggest that trading on Betfair is in the remotest bit important right now. I expect it may be far from our minds as we struggle to keep are families safe. 
I always try to draw on positives rather than negatives and always try to turn a negative situation into a positive.
I fear a long period where we are unable to carry on with “normal” life. I am usually very busy and often struggle to fit everything I want to do in a day in. The first few days were great, I needed a break. But now I am needing something more. 

I really believe in educating myself. I have done so often over the years. Investing in your own education is money well spent in my book. I am using the downtime to enhance my Excel VBA skills and to learn the programming language “Python”. Being more productive with my time is something I am always working toward. 
When people say “You are lucky you can do that”. I smile wryly to myself knowing that luck has had nothing to do with it. I put myself out and invested my time and money into being able to do whatever I was “lucky” at.

Seizing an opportunity

With no Racing (or indeed any sport) available to trade on at this time; and for the foreseeable future. It may seem pointless getting involved in learning to trade. But I think this is a fantastic opportunity to learn. Within the package I am offering there are well over 100 hours of instructional videos to watch. It’s better than a Netflix boxed set! One of the things that drives me crazy, is when I get questions from people who obviously haven’t watched the videos I provide. The usual excuse is “I haven’t had time to watch them all”. 
So this lockdown seems a great time to watch my videos, maybe twice. Get everything to sink in, ask any questions, get involved ithe activities I provide within the community. For example, at the moment I am taking the group through the process I use to create a triggered excel sheet attached to Betfair’s api. Once we get Racing back, you will be able to hit the ground running.

Best value deal I have ever offered - £199

Giving my customers great value for money has always been at the forefront of my business model. I know the material and support I provide is worth many times more that the cost. But having a very high cost, although great for me means that the type of people I want to help are excluded from it. As a working class lad, this never sits well with me. Charging top dollar just because you can doesn’t seem right. This of course means I am a crap businessman.

Have a read through the table below as to what I am offering. This is a 100% online course. But there is always an option to join me at a future workshop with a very attractive discount. 

The offer I am making is to give as many as possible the opportunity to get involved while the lockdown is in place. It’s an incredible offer . The length of I am uncertain of.

There is no risk to you here. If you buy it and  it does not live up to your expectations for whatever reason. You just email me and request a refund. This is processed as soon as I read the email request.

What’s not to like about this???????  Don’t dither (the traders curse!). Don’t delay. Get involved now.



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Online Workshop – Complete package


ONE TIME FEE – 1 Month membership inc 

Lifetime Access to Online Workshop and material provided

Full “No Quibble”  30 day Money back guarantee


60+ Assessment videos (Races broken down into unambigious detai)

Over 100 hours of instruction and strategy video

121 Calls with Steve are available

My stand alone “Morning Racing” strategy and access to and helpful App **


Access to any new material I create within the time you are a member

Access to my monthly closed webinar – plus access to the webinar archives

75 EXTRA Race trading videos

1 Month trial membership to my legendary skype community  & communications centre

£25 per month after initial complementary period

You will have lifetime access to all material

** Access to Morning Racing App while you are a member

What are the people who have completed the Online Workshop saying?

"Steve's ability to breakdown a complex skill into understandable, manageable and logical chunks in an engaging manner is unrivaled. The course far exceeded my expectations and comes highly recommended and the follow-up support is genuinely invaluable."
"Steve has really done a great job and created what I think will be the gold standard for online sports trading courses in years to come."
Steve's trading course also came highly recommended from people in a trading group I was involved in. When his online course became available I did not hesitate. Steve gives you a detailed instruction manual on how to swing trade. THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE

What you waiting for?

Trading Pre Race on Betfair's Horse Racing markets is probably the most sought after and hardest skill to learn. Having Steve Howe in your corner will vastly improve your chances of success.